GreaseJett – Sewer Grease Degrader

GreaseJett represents the best available technology to degrade sewer grease deposits and control odors. This product will clean bad grease areas faster and more thoroughly resulting in less man hours spent cleaning. GreaseJett was designed specifically to enhance sewer jetting and can be added into the tank of your jetter truck.

Blended into GreaseJett is the synergy of several different biocatalysts that have the ability to liquefy and then break up grease deposits and degrade accumulations down to their elemental form.

GreaseJett does not move sewer grease down the line, it catalyzes and breaks up grease. GreaseJett is an all-natural and safe biocatalyst for enhancing sewer jetting.

*Grease issues in other parts of your wastewater system? View our entire Grease Line.

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Fat Oil Sewer Grease Buster FOG Removal

GreaseJett – Sewer Grease Degrader Benefits

  • Enhances sewer jetting effectiveness
  • Catalyzes and degrades grease
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Degrades grease before reaching the WWTP
  • Operators like the smell

GreaseJett – Sewer Grease Degrader can be added to:

  • Jet Trucks
  • Lift Stations
  • Collection Systems
  • Sewer Lines


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