Cold Weather Effects on Nitrification & Ammonia Removal

by Deborah Lee and Chris Grove

In this event, Lead Microbiologist and Nitrifier Expert, Deborah Lee, and Technical Consultant, Chris Grove, will answer audience questions relating to nitrification and ammonia removal and discuss considerations for the best nitrification. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


00:18 Overview

01:18 Nitrification in the Activated Sludge Process

01:45 Organic Nitrogen

02:20 Bacteria in Wastewater Systems

04:06 Nitrifying Bacteria

05:45 Bacteria in Nitrifier Pro

07:05 Nitrifiers and Floc

08:52 Optimal Nitrification Conditions

14:44 Nitrite Lock

16:05 Temperature

17:20 Cold Temp Shock 20° C to 7° C

20:35 Combining PAA and Quat Toxicity

22:12 MLSS COD Reduction and Ammonia Reduction

23:14 VitaStim Nitrifiers after Quat Toxicity

26:18 Nitrifier Pro

28:00 Dynamic Duo

28:45 CounterQuat

29:12 Microanalysis & Filament Origins

31:33 Q&A


Nitrifier Pro

  • Restores populations of nitrifying and nitrite-reducing organisms
  • Guarantees full recovery in as little as 4 days
  • Works great in water temperatures as low as 39°F
wastewater testing sample kit

Dynamic Duo

  • Restores populations of nitrifying and nitrite reducing organisms
  • Works great in water temperature as low as 39°F
  • For use in aerobic wastewater systems
  • Ships next day and guarantees full recovery in 6-10 days
wastewater testing sample kit

Microanalysis & Filament Origins

  • Identification of major and minor filaments
  • Precise explanation of filament presence and origin
  • Overview of floc structure, sludge age, and oxygen penetration
  • Treatment and process recommendations