Breaking Down Greast to Prevent Foaming Issues

by Natalie Walton, Saylor Gilbert, & Tyler Benz

In this event, Natalie Walton, Microscopist, Saylor Gilbert, Research Scientist, and Tyler Benz, Technical Sales Consultant, will answer audience questions on why foaming filaments love FOG so much and how to control foaming in wastewater. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


00:00 Overview

00:56 Effects of Incoming Fats Oils and Grease (FOG)

03:24 Why do these filaments prefer fats and thrive in high-fat environments?

08:01 Product Recommendations

14:24 Q&A

wastewater testing sample kit


  • Powerful biocatalyst technology that speeds grease removal while lowering odors
  • Lowers downstream BOD and dangerous hydrogen sulfide levels
  • Works best in lift stations, collection systems, and grease traps

Qwik-Zyme L

  • Mitigate foaming and FOG filament outbreaks
  • Removes oil scum in clarifiers and aeration basins
  • Improves BOD removal and effluent TSS caused by high incoming FOG
  • Use anywhere grease builds up, excellent in systems with high-loading

Foam Buster

  • Digests short-chain fatty acids and the by-products of grease degradation
  • Provides key nutrients and stimulants
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Pair with Qwik-Zyme L for a more complete foaming filament control.