In this wastewater webinar, Aquafix Microbiologist, Deborah Lee, discusses her considerations for the best nitrification, and how to recover if nitrification is lost. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


7:28 Understanding Nitrifying Bacteria
17:46 Alkalinity, Toxicity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature
35:39 How Vitastim Dynamic Duo Works
42:53 Nitrogen Deficiency

Boost N Lock

Boost N Lock is a blend of 4 types of alkalinity that excels at stabilizing your pH in aerobic and anaerobic processes, while minimizing sludge production. This can also help flocculation and dewatering in aerobic processes. Boost N Lock is a blend of magnesium hydroxide, hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate. The combination of these ingredients provides vastly superior pH stabilization when compared to either ingredient alone.

Dynamic Duo

This combination packs a powerful punch, helpful to the growth and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria. Cynamic duo is made up of VitaStim Nitrifiers and VitaStim Ammonia Assimilators, which contain active bacteria including Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Nitrospira, and heterotrophic nitrifiers at the highest concentration in the industry.

Filament Buster

Filament Buster reduces the levels of bulking filaments Type 021N, Thiothrix and Type 0092. It is a specific source of amino acids and micronutrients. Typically, these filaments cause bulking in wastewater systems with nitrogen deficiency and lead to dewatering issues. They can be present on an ongoing basis, during times of seasonal temperature changes, or as a result of getting dumped on by upstream sources.