In treating waste from a canning or vegetable processing facility, our approach varies depending on what is being processed.  Waste from these facilities tend to be high in starch from legumes, peas, carrots, potatoes, etc and can also be high in BOD and oils when processing items like corn.

Basics for Treatment of Wastewater Ponds of Vegetable Facilities:

1.   Keep the pH up.  In facilities that get a lot of BOD from starch, and where they do not have enough aeration, it is common for the pH to drop below 4, which gives the ponds a sour smell.  In this case use soda ash, lime or longer lasting products like our Boost N Lock.  If the pH can be raised to 7, then you will get better BOD and ammonia removal.

Boost N Lock General 30 Day Treatment to raise pH
Flow Rate First 10 Days Days 11-30
100,000 gpd 10# per day 5# per day
500,000 gpd 50# per day 25# per day
1 MPG 100# per day 50# per day


2.   Ammonia deficiency:   In facilities like these they can be ammonia deficient or in excess depending on what is being processed.  If the ammonia is deficient, add a source of urea.  In these types of facilities the BOD: Ammonia: Phosphate of 100:7:1   ratio is advisable.  If you are in doubt, filter some of mixed liquor and test for ammonia.

3.   Pond Odors:  If the odors are bad due to lack of aeration, the use of OxyPaks XL in your system will boost up the D.O. and add critical oxygen. Usually apply 100# per acre per day based on 1000 ppm of BOD.

4.  Excess BOD & Sludge:  When the BOD is high use our VitaStim Sludge Reducer to speed the degradation of the BOD and reduce sludge in the bottom of the pond.  The charts below provide a dose rate per acre based on clean up or maintenance treatment to drop the BOD and biologically remove sludge from your pond.  Depending on aeration, we suggest using our OxyPaks XL to liberate sludge and stimulate the bacteria for further degradation.

Sludge Cleanup Treatment (30-60%)
Product Size of Lagoon Aerated or High Wind Facultative or low Wind
VitaStim 6000 1 acre ½# per day 1# per day
OxyPaks XL 1 acre 100# per month


Maintenance Dose (over 64°F)
Product Size of Lagoon Aerated or High Wind Facultative or low Wind
VitaStim 6000 1 acre 1 acre 1 acre
OxyPaks XL 1 acre 100# per month

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