In this wastewater microbiology webinar, Aquafix Biologist, Michael Frett gives an overview of common microscopic evaluations, and what they mean. As well as a discussion of the origins of filaments in wastewater plants. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


0:29 – Wastewater Microbiology Basics
4:56 – Wastewater Bacteria, Floc Formation, and Sludge Age
16:28 – Filamentous Bacteria
20:30 – Protozoa and Metazoa
31:35 – Aquafix Wastewater Microanalysis and Solutions


SmartBOD provides an advanced food supplement to promote flocculation, build a healthy, diverse biomass and can promote ammonia and phosphorus removal. As a dry powder, SmartBOD is easy to use and can be added in by hand or in larger applications can be fed with a screw feeder or slaking system.


CounterQuat™ strengthensthe matrix the bacteria naturally use to protect themselves form toxins. The result is greater bacteria resilience, flocculation, and nutrient removal in the presence of toxicity. CounterQuat™ is excellent for plants concerned with incoming toxicity.

Microanalysis & Filament Origins Testing

Our most request lab analysis gives operators all the information they need to make informed decisions on how they manage their treatment plant. Learn about your mixed floc structure, EPS generation, filaments, sludge age, and more, plus our recommendations for how to proceed, in just 3 business days.