Rewards and recognition for all your hard work and successes!

Aquafix Laboratories is a state of the art research facility located in the University of Wisconsin Research Park. Our team of scientists dedicates their time to understanding wastewater and creating innovative technologies and products used in thousands of wastewater treatment plants around the world.

Now, we are introducing a new program designed to reward wastewater professionals that are dedicated to the science of wastewater. This program is an opportunity to be part of the research process, to improve wastewater science, and be recognized for your work! We are currently looking for research partners with wastewater lagoon or pond systems to study our Sludge Rx tablets.

Sludge Rx tablets are designed to:

  • Enhance biological sludge removal
  • Stimulate bacterial growth in the sludge layer to aid in the degradation of difficult forms of BOD
  • Reduce sludge accumulation in lagoons and ponds to increase capacity, reduce odors, and improve effluent parameters (TSS, Ammonia, Phosphate, coliforms, and pH)

Contact your Aquafix Technical Consultant to discuss your system and see if you are eligible for the program (limited opportunities).

Program Details

  • 6 Treatments over 6 months
  • Provide influent/effluent data before and after
    • flow rate, depth, avg depth, temperature, DO, volume, size
  • 10 data points per acre
  • 1st, 3rd, and 6th month sludge judge data
  • Before and after photos

Benefits and Rewards

In order to assist you in the treatments and trials,
Aquafix Research Partners could recieve:

  • 10% off all orders for a year
  • Equipment for Sludge Rx application
  • 50% additional rebate upon completion of data
  • Recognized for your research and participation
  • Feature in catalog or website