At Aquafix, our eagerness for fixing every problem in the wide world of wastewater means we encounter some of the strangest situations water can offer. In this new series, Unique Applications, we look at some of our most stand out issues and most inventive solutions.

An industrial wastewater plant in Illinois has an aerobic and anaerobic process that each receive half of their waste. Every six months they shut down the system to clean and make repairs. During this time, the incoming waste is stored in a diversion tank that is mixed with an agitator. When the system is turned back on, the diversion tank is slowly drained back through the system. This has caused issues due to its high concentration of corn oil.

They wanted to begin treatment in the diversion tank so they can send the waste through their aerobic process without causing issues. Since the corn oil is mostly made of fat, our biocatalyst Qwik-Zyme L was used to break down the long chain fatty acids into easier to digest short chain fatty acids. By pairing Qwik-Zyme L with OxyPaks XL they were able to regain DO, and drain their diversion tank faster than ever before.

Qwik-Zyme L

Bacteria do nothing without the catalysts they use to break fats into digestible bits. This product floods the water with biocatalysts that split fat molecules.

OxyPaks XL

A granular source of slow release oxygen. Used in low DO environments it releases peroxide to help oxidize and offset issues related to septicity.

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