In this toxicity webinar, Aquafix Director of Science and Innovation, Kevin Ripp, aka The Bugman, distinguishes fact, fiction, and the latest research on biocides like “Quat”. Learn about our newest solutions to overcoming QAC toxicity and more! For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


02:29 Overview of Toxicity Symptoms and Causes

05:15 Acute Quaternary Amine Studies

09:32 Recovery from Toxicity Studies

11:57 Toxicity with Temperature Change Studies

14:36 Tests on Quat Binding Products

15:55 Recovery of Nitrification after Toxicity

17:26 Testing on CounterQuat

19:50 Preventing Toxicity


CounterQuat is a next-generation technology developed to protect wastewater bacteria from toxicity, especially the effects of quaternary amines.