​Recovering From Summertime Toxicity Issues Webinars

by Dan McKeaton & Tyler Benz

In this event, Lead Microscopist, Dan McKeaton, Director of Wastewater Education,  and Tyler Benz, Technical Sales Consultant,  will answer audience questions relating to summertime plant operation can impact the toxicity of biocides in wastewater. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or training@teamaquafix.com.


0:55 Overview

02:07 Summertime Toxicity Issues

03:52 MLSS, MLVSS, and Active Biomass

05:58 What is Floc

09:41 How Does This Relate to Toxicity

11:00 How to Measure Biocide Impacts on Plant Health

14:04 How Can We Prevent Summer Upsets?

17:06 OxyFresh

18:15 CounterQuat

22:03 ReBUILD

23:00 Dynamic Duo

23:44 Aquafix Microanalysis Kit

27:20 Q&A

wastewater testing sample kit

Dynamic Duo

  • Restores populations of nitrifying and nitrite reducing organisms
  • Works great in water temperature as low as 39°F
  • For use in aerobic wastewater systems
  • Ships next day and guarantees full recovery in 6-10 days


  • Mitigate potential upsets and protect bacteria from toxins
  • Works against Quats, PAAs, and other cleaning agents
  • Great for systems with frequent cleanouts
wastewater testing sample kit


  • Recover from toxicity fast
  • Improve low F:M conditions, form healthy floc, and clear effluent
  • Restores the removal of BOD, ammonia, and phosphate
  • Great for new plant start up or recovery after toxicity upset
  • 100% active probiotics. Does not contain fillers