At Aquafix, our eagerness for fixing every problem in the wide world of wastewater means we encounter some of the strangest situations water can offer. In this new series, Unique Applications, we look at some of our most stand out issues and most inventive solutions.

On the pacific coast in Mexico is one of the world’s premier tuna processing facilities. In the wastewater plant the design limitations include: a small foot print, water temperatures averaging 80-100° F, influent COD and ammonia of approximately 4,500 and 500 ppm, and single digit effluent standards. Because the plant is so small and the loadings high, the engineers had concerns over a cloudy effluent and asked us to be involved.

This process uses our Qwik-Zyme L, Qwik-Zyme P, and VitaStim Summer Slam. Qwik-Zyme P accelerates the degradation of proteins. Undegraded they can cause a cloudy effluent. Furthermore, Qwik-Zyme P releases ammonia nitrogen from the proteins so they’re available for nitrification. Qwik-Zyme L speeds the degradation of fish oil into volatile fatty acids (VFA). This prevents filamentous foam, and the VFAs help phosphorous uptake in their process. They also use our VitaStim Summer Slam to lower sludge production and ammonia in their warm water. The engineering of the process is remarkable.

Qwik-Zyme L

WORKS FAST. Lipid-degrading biocatalysts that break down grease and long chain fatty acids that can build up in anaerobic digesters and cause foaming. Use whenever a load of high FOG feedstock is added, or whenever fatty acids are building up in the digester.

Qwik-Zyme P

REDUCE SLUDGE PRODUCTION. Qwik-Zyme P improves digestion of dairy waste by breaking down proteins, including casein. Undigested proteins cause excess sludge production, odors, and a cloudy effluent.

VitaStim Summer Slam

VitaStim Summer Slam removes 30%-60% of the sludge from your lagoon while clearing the water, reducing dredging, and lowering ammonia.

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