In this webinar, Aquafix Research and Development Chemist, Dan Mckeaton will discuss what these products are good for and what their limitations are. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


00:13 Introduction

03:20 Bacteria overview

6:30 Bacterial Products: What are they?

16:42 Applications of Bacterial Products

20:45 Data on Bacterial Products

27:48 Enzymes and Their Applications in Wastewater Systems

32:30 Oxygen uptake testing & Other Methods to Analyze Enzymes – Overview

39:32 Biocatalyst Research

52:50 Q&A

Featured Products

Qwik-Zyme L 2.5 gallon

Qwik-Zyme L

  • Reacts quickly
  • Prevents foaming
  • Degrades fat, oil, and grease (FOG)
Sludge-Rx Sludge Removal Tablet


  • Degrades fats and paper fibers
  • Reduces digester sludge volume
  • Improves settling