At Aquafix, our eagerness for fixing every problem in the wide world of wastewater means we encounter some of the strangest situations water can offer. In this new series, Unique Applications, we look at some of our most stand out issues and most inventive solutions.

A city in South Carolina operates an SBR wastewater treatment plant, with the effluent being held in a large lagoon. To prevent short circuiting in the lagoon, a curtain forces the flow to run along the length of the 22 acre lagoon all along one side. Over time, sludge had built up in this area. They used Aquafix’s Lagoon Line, containing sludge eating bacteria cultures and probiotics. After just 3 months, they reduced average sludge thickness from 33 inches to 20.5 inches. A reduction of 23,472 cubic yards in the 1 acre target area.

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